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About the Event

“Music Can’t Stop!”: Orang Orang Drum Theatre Ends 2022 on a High Note

On the 30th of December, Orang Orang Drum Theatre (OODT) will finally be staging its Lang4 X Lepak concert in Kuala Lumpur featuring Anak Borneo and Gideon Alu8khan Chen!

Funded by Yayasan Hasanah, Arts For All Seasons (ArtsFAS) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF).



Audiences can expect original compositions such as “People. Cars. Buildings.”, “Ado sorang sibuk sangat”, “Tuyang sit in the corner”, “Roar”, “Bakar”, “Bayang berdengung”, and “Blossom Bunga Raya”, brought to life through diverse instruments such as shigu, didgeridoo, gamelan, gendang, gong, jidor, kulintangan, sape, xylophone.



Time & Location

Friday, 30 December 2022

3pm & 8pm

Dominus Arts Venue




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