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Competition Categories / 参赛组别

Category Divisions / 分类

Participants will be judged based on their age and performance skills.


Application Deadline / 报名截止日期: 14/11/2022
Video Submission Deadline / 视频呈交截止日期: 14/11/2022
Announcement of Results / 成绩公布: 30/11/2022

Awards / 奖项

The certificates of recognition for the winners and teachers will be sent through email.


Panel of Judges / 评审人员

Rules and Regulations / 条款

1. Participants can send a public link to a YouTube or Vimeo video clip of their performance in the Google registration form, as well as a piece of the music score (excluding traditional dance) through email to
参赛者可以透过YouTube 或 Vimeo Video 录制视频并设为“公开”模式 的链接复制在报名表格以及将演奏曲谱(民族/传统舞蹈除外)电邮至。
2. Applications that are not complete or don’t have the required documents will be rejected.
3. Candidates have no legal claim to the recordings and images they submit, nor to any broadcasts made in conjunction with the competition. Dominus Arts Venue, Fairview International School, University College Fairview, and Asia Art Academy hold all legal rights, and no price is owed to any contender for performances, photographs, recordings, or television broadcasts.
参赛者不能对提交的录音和照片或可能与比赛有关的广播索取法律权。 Dominus 展演厅、飞优国际学校、飞优大学学院以及Asia Art Academy保留所有法律权,并且不必向任何参赛者支付表演、照片、录音或电视广播的费用。

General FAQ / 常见问答

1. How can I register my application successfully?
The registration form must be completed and the payment receipt must be attached. The videos should be available for viewing (public link). Unedited video of the performance should be sent to the organiser via a public link on YouTube or Vimeo. Failure to provide a functional link will result in disqualification. Videos that have been altered in any way will not be accepted.
2. What is the registration fee?
The registration fee for Malaysians is RM80, while the fee for foreigners is USD30.
马来西亚籍RM80; 外国籍:USD30.
3. How can I pay the registration fee?
Payment can be made via bank online transfer and is non-refundable.
Details / 资料:
Account Name / 户口名字: Fairview Schools Berhad
Account number / 户口号码: 8600181589
Bank Name / 银行: CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad
Swift Code / 银行国际代码: ctbbmykl
4. Do I have to show my hands and face in the video? (Singing, Dancing, Solo)
The performer’s hands, face, and body must be clearly visible on the recording. And your performance must be in sync with the music or sound.
5. How long should the video be?
The video should not last more than 10 minutes. The video file name should contain your name and the title of the piece.
6. Can I submit an old video?
Yes, we accept videos from the last 12 months in all categories.
7. Can I apply for more than one category?
Yes, you just need to fill out a new application form for the new category and pay accordingly.
8. Do I need to send the music score?
Yes, you must email your score to for the instrument solo category. The email must include your name, song title, and instrument.
需要的,所有乐器独奏的参赛者必须把乐谱呈上,可以电邮至; 电邮内容必须填写你的名字,歌名以及独奏的乐器。
9. If you have any further questions, please email us at
10. The organiser reserves the right to change, amend, delete, or add to these contest terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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