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Be Creative is Dominus' support to encourage your creativity and talent. Be inspired through a variety of international quality programmes. Open to everyone to come and join in.
Welcome to Oeuvre D Arte. Translated from French meaning ‘Performing Arts’.
Click to enter Oeuvre D' Arte a service for 4-19 years of creative and performing arts. Students can join mass ensembles, productions, exhibitions and shows on a weekly basis, in their area. Progress to sign up for weekend groups, that bring together fellow talented performers and artists from across the state, as the 'best of the best'. The Department of 'Oeuvre D'Arte Artsts, are Elite Talents of Asia who are taught full time. These are the flagship of performers, artists, composers of the future.


Classroom Razz-Ma-tazz" provides students and educators access to a wider creative classroom learning experience. Click to enter all ongoing school programs for your school to attend or download at home.


Fun programmes for children, and their families and teachers. Encourage children's imagination through live and online activities and experiences.

Arts Educational Outreach

"Creating impact in the community through performance or creative experiences. Our outreach programme is suitable for communities and groups of any age or background."
Everyone's a Musician represent the core of Fairview International music specialism. A unique program where every student learns a orchestral instrument. This is all part of their academic and creative learning.

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